The Avatar by VeraDyne is, in my opinion, the finest EAV system available in the United States. 

By combining this advanced EAV testing equipment with the WaveFront 3000 clients can have customized energetic preparations for their wellness journey.

 If you are a practitioner who would like to purchase this equipment, and/or train with me, please send me an email and I will be happy to send you more information on product pricing.

If you already have this equipment.  Come to Eugene and learn how to utilized EAV in your practice. Training is based on per day @ $1,000/day.

The  Avatar SC-5  can be operated as a stand-alone or computer connected testing unit.  An built-in, backlit LCD; displays meridian point measurements in bar-graph format.  The additional numerical Peak Reading display conveniently records and holds the highest reading value for each point measurement.  The plug and play USB connection lets the SC-5 connect quickly and effortlessly to your PC.

Developed by Dr. Andreas Marx and based on the research of German Physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Ph.D., the WaveFront-3000 is the only  device using advanced Signal Transference Technology.  This technology lets you create client specific, custom energetic transfers.   Stand alone or used with your Avatar software. The WaveFront-3000 offers three Signal Transference options:

Invert Process:
Transfer, invert 180-degrees and then amplify the energetic signal of any substance to create a homeopathic-like resonance of that substance.

Duplicate Process:
Directly transfer and amplify the energetic signal of any homeopathic remedy creating a duplicate resonance.

Imprint Process:
Use the Avatar 5.0 software virtual database to create a custom “Imprinted” energetic resonance.