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The NESTMANN formulas are among the strongest drainage remedies available and widely preferred by German practitioners. They have been prescribed with proven efficacy throughout the last century. The advantage of NESTMANN’s liquid extractions is that a large portion of the remedy is absorbed into the blood stream regardless of the condition of the intestinal tract.

Many disease related symptoms result from poor circulation in the affected organ or organ system. Sluggish circulation in any organ tissue leads to a build-up of cellular wastes (metabolites). All cells are surrounded by connective tissue. Toxic build-up hinders the passing of nutrients through connective tissue for delivery to the cells and impairs drainage of cellular wastes.

For this reason the first therapeutic step should always be to increase circulation – to clear the path to the cells. For example, patients who have a poor diet and do not exercise have sluggish circulation. Here arteriosclerotic plaque build-up is like the waste that accrues at the banks of a slow flowing river. Increased blood flow washes waste away like a fast mountain stream.

Throughout the centuries empirical evidence has proven that specific medicinal plants will increase circulation in specific organs and organ systems. For example, Crataegus No. 26 (Hawthorne Extract) increases circulation in the coronary vessels; and Aesculus No. 6 (Wild Chestnut), in the extremities. Herbs that improve metabolic functions by increasing circulation are called “Drainage Remedies.”

A drainage remedy needs to have two main characteristics:

  • It increases circulation in a specific area in the body.

  • It must be biochemically active.

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